Sole owner and head chef, Andreas Wolfgang Thiele, has over twenty five years experience in the industry. Starting his apprenticeship in Germany at the age of fifteen he completed with states honour awarded by the Prime Minister. Andreas went on to work in Switzerland and Austria where he worked in a 1 Michelin star and 2 hats restaurant. 

In 2010 Andreas decided to take a break and travel to Australia. When arriving to Magnetic Island, Andreas discovered a beachfront restaurant that seemed to always be empty, After discovering it was for sale he and three friends took the leap and bought the restaurant now known as Sandi's on Magnetic Island. 

Seven years later and Andreas has become the sole owner of Sandi's.




In 2019 Andreas took over the well respected local seafood business on the island, Magnetic Seafood. The seafood served at Sandi's is caught out in the bay and on the reef. It is snapped frozen straight after the catch and is transported from the trawler straight to the restaurant.

Magnetic Seafood is proudly tripolyphosphate free. Which is an additive that is used to make your seafood appear firmer, smoother and glossier. Seafood manufacturers may soak your seafood in a quick chemical bath of STPP in order to achieve these effects.


Due to the strict guidelines that are frequently regulated we can assure that our seafood is sustainable.